Brief history

Nolux Media was founded in 2012 by Maurice Vlot, as a company dedicated to scientific visualizations. There has always been a need for people who have a certain knowledge about science in general combined with the creative and technical know-how to create (info)graphics and animations. This is a rather rare combination since most of the time only one of these two fields is dominant. Maurice has a minor degree in Nanotechnology and a bachelors degree in Art and Technology, and therefore has strengths in both fields. Nolux Media was founded with this goal in mind.
As of 2014 Nolux Media also serves another purpose: that of video productions. Most of the video productions to this day still remain in the scientific or educational field, because this is where our hearts lie and our specialties are. However, our interests transcend any single field of work.


Who’s behind Nolux Media

Apart from a broad network of freelancers who we work together with for every project, there is a solid core behind Nolux Media:


Maurice Vlot

Founder, producer, graphical designer &
scientific director

bachelors degree art & technology
minor degree nanotechnology


Ruud van der Wal

Director, scenarist &
creative filmmaker

bachelors degree art & technology
minor degree scriptwriting


Our passion and inspiration

Our passion is creating content which is, as the Dutch would say, spraakmakend. Content with depth, with a story and a message, with its own heart and soul. Beautiful and pervading at the same time. We love the whole range from epic videos, touching stories to breathtaking beauty in pictures and (moving) images.
We are inspired by documentaries like Wonders of the Solar System, Into Eternity and HOME,
programs like BBC Horizon and Tegenlicht,
by the countless YouTube channels that enlighten the beautiful world of science,
and by JPL infographics, APOD and Dailyinfographic.


How we proceed

Before we start making any sketches or scripts, we first take the time to fully understand and comprehend your research or the story you want to tell. We are curious. We want to know and understand. We believe that the better we understand your work ourselves, the better we can translate it into images and video. This is why we always try to come and visit you for every video or visualization you want to have produced.
Once we start working, we do not perform a trick that has proven itself to work in the past, but rather try to come up with something new every time.
We are creative, and we want to take you with us in that creativity.


Sounds good?

Have a look at our portfolio, or contact us directly.